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My name is James Mincey and I’ve been a freelance Voice Over artist based in Los Angeles, California for almost 10 years. I’m extremely passionate about this industry which seems to be growing every year. Throughout my career, I’ve voiced commercial ad’s for both radio, tv, and internet. I’ve also narrated documentaries, indie films, industrial training videos, tutorials…just name a few.

Being a freelance independent voice over artist allows me to produce my own projects without the strict rules of the unions (Sag/Aftra) or expensive talent agency/management fees or union dues which seem to be getting more expensive by the minute. Like many other independent artists, I work from comfort of my home studio…which to me, is the best part of it all. Not a bad gig! Wouldn’t you agree?



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So, I know you’re wondering…

How did I become a voice over artist?

Actually…it just happened. Guess you can call it FATE?!

In 2003, I moved to Los Angeles, from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry as a waiter/bartender for many years and quickly found a job waiting tables in a quaint little bistro frequented by celebrities and film/tv industry folks. My greatest compliments were never about my people skills or quality service….it was always about my deep, rich baritone voice!   Obviously, people were hearing something that I didn’t. The most popular question everyone asked was, “Do I do voice overs?”  At the time, I didn’t know what a voice over was or that their were opportunities out there to use my voice to make a living. The idea of it intrigued me!

After some time researching the business, I found a very reputable and affordable voice over coach in my local community, which there are quite a few living in Los Angeles. I signed up for a twelve week course to explore and develop talent and technique. The first day of that class was a very pivotal point in my career. I stepped into the “state of the art” sound booth for the first time, recorded the copy the best I could (in one take) and when I listened to the playback of my first voice over...I WAS BLOWN AWAY! 

I couldn’t believe that was MY VOICE coming out of those speakers! And yes…the hair stood up on the back of my neck! I found a talent I never knew I had…and I was a natural! Soon after…I found myself performing small jobs….some free, some paid. But eventually I had enough material to put together a demo tape...the vice every actor and voice actor needs!!!

So…What now? I took my classes, developed my craft…and now I got a demo tape. What’s next????

What do I do with my new talent?

That is usually the next question one would ask, right? Well, what I discovered in my journey that there was only two routes to go. Either union or non-union! They are both very respected routes to take. Although, there are both advantages and disadvantages I had to learn.

Union jobs can be very lucrative, high paying, with lots of exposure but very competitive, EXPENSIVE, and lot’s of rules and requirements. It’s very well known in the entertainment industry that the unions are very hard to join. AND…you are limited to the jobs you can do. Union members are only allowed to do union jobs…or risk the chances of being kicked out.

Non union or “freelancing” was my cup of tea! It provided me the freedom to do the jobs and promote myself the way I wanted. Though, this route is less lucrative, usually lower paying, with much less exposures. But, it’s not as competitive, MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE, and I can make my own rules. The biggest advantage of going “non union” is I‘m free to do any job I want and set my own prices!!!

How did I start my own Voice Over business?

After a couple years of struggling and finding my own niche in the business, I eventually found the route I wanted to take. I spend a lot of money on demo production and even more money on duplicates to mail to agencies…which was more money out of my pocket. Nothing was happening…sure I was getting a couple jobs here and there. But, my career was stagnant…going no where!

One day I had an epiphany…most of the gigs were all freelance, non-union work! Most were people or companies that were producing their own projects but didn’t have the budget to hire the “big guys” to do the jobs…which is very, very costly! They were coming to me directly to do the job and paying me directly. Also, there was so much more non union jobs available than union jobs. And soon I thought, I’m sitting on a gold mine! I can start up my own home business producing my own voice overs!”

I already had internet and a laptop…and was half way there. Next, I invested in a descent microphone and quality ear phones, downloaded a free recording software, sound proofed my closet into a little recording booth…next thing you know I was in business. And before long, I had regular clients that were using me for all their voice over needs…narratives, training videos, documentaries, voice mails and recordings…etc! And yes…all my fellow union VO actors were all working much less that I was.

Why am I sharing this with you?

The entertainment industries whether it be film, tv, music recording or even a smaller niche as voice overs is changing and evolving all the time. And it will continue to do so in the future. Now that we are in the internet and digital age, we now have the luxuries we didn’t have before in the past. Freelance Voice Artists and others alike are now writing, producing, promoting, and marketing their selves…with much success, too!

In the old days, every artist had to struggle to “get signed” or get heard by the right people, knocking on a lot of doors. The big companies and agencies monopolized the who whole industry….there was pretty much only one way to get discovered. Now…a voice over artist, singer, comic etc. can record at home, put up a youtube video, get a ton of hits…and the “big guys” are now knocking on their doors to sign them.

I am sharing all this with you because I want to pay it forward and show every voice talents (ie..voice overs, singers, comics, pod casters etc) that you too can use your voice talent to earn a living as freelance artists. It doesn’t matter where you live either…whether NYC or Boise, Idaho. You can do what I do….from anywhere!

The ultimate goal!

Plain and simple…my goal for Voicenett.com is to share my knowledge and provide a platform for other freelance voice artists to start their own freelance home business and provide a plethora of information and resources to help them succeed.

There is A LOT to learn about this industry as I said before, it’s evolving all the time. We don’t have to be starving artist’s anymore…those days are over. I will be adding a lot of good, quality content to this site as time allows and hope that others will grow with it as well and eventually make Voicenett.com the leading authority site in the freelance voice talent industry.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best! Feel free to comment or leave a message!

Peace and Blessings!

James Mincey

Founder of Voicenett.com The Voice Talent Information Network

email: james@voicenett.com